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I am a ecological statistician with expertise in deveoping and applying statistical methods to answer emerging scientific questions, from novel data sources, and for providing useful information to natural resource managers.  My work ranges from very general questions ("how to usefully quantify biodiversity?" and "what is a good representation of assemblage from data?") to more focussed ones ("what is the cumulative effect of trawling in Sout-East Australia?").  My area of interest has been expanding to include efficient and useful methods to acquire data -- after all, good data collection makes the analysis task much easier.  I often work as part of collaborations with a broad range of scientists including: ecologists, fisheries scientists, geneticists, statisticians, and so on.  My work is stimulating and I find it easy to get motivation from it. 

Academic qualifications

Ph.D. in Biometrics, BiometricsSA, The University of Adelaide, Australia. 2003-2006.
Thesis title: “The LASSO Linear Mixed Model for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci.”
B.Math. (Hons. 1 in mathematical statistics), Dept. of Mathematics, The University of Newcastle, Australia. 1999-1999.
Thesis title: “Is There an Association Between the Charlson Comorbidity Index and Health-Related Quality of Life?”
B.Sc. (major in mathematics) The University of Tasmania, Australia. 1996-1998.