Taking my turn on the floating classroom

December 18, 2018

Jason Mundy and Emily Harris
Jason Mundy and Emily Harris of Parks Australia. Image: Fraser Johnston/CSIRO
Emily Harris of Parks Austrtalia
Emily helps to process water samples collected by the conductivity temperature and depth (CTD) profiler. Image: CSIRO

I want those wild explorers on my team

December 12, 2018

David Logan of Parks Australia
Dave Logan works with research partners to help design and deliver projects that provide an information base for better managing Australia's offshore marine parks. Image: Fraser Johnston/CSIRO
Dave Logan photographs whales

Science meets marine park management

December 2, 2018

Cath Samson on deck
Cath Samson enjoys good weather in the Huon Marine Park  off southern Tasmania. Image: Bethany Green/CSIRO

Out of the office and onto the sea

November 27, 2018

Scientists wait on deck for the beam trawl
Biologists on the deck of Investigator ready to retrieve the deep-sea samples from the beam trawl. Image: CSIRO
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