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Current activities

Primary project atm is processing the vast amount amount of vision data accumulated from the IN2018_V06 voyage to the seamounts south and east of Tasmania. The processing is required to extract defensible and accurate data of deep-sea corals and other invertebrates that is being used to draft papers regarding deep-sea ecosystems that will be valuable to managers of these natural assets.

I am also currently involved in a few other projects involving the collection of sediment from the Derwent for genetic and isotope analysis, and also a continued support of handfish conservation projects.


Completed BSc (Hons) in biology at UTas 1993 while working part time at Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fishery Institute (abalone). Started working at CSIRO (Fisheries) in 1996 as casual research assistant on school shark nursery project. Several casual appointments at CSIRO on plankton/larvae projects before successfully applying for research position studying the endangered handfish. Worked on a range of fish conservation and marine pest projects initially. Have been working with the Benthic Ecosystem team now for about 15 years.

Academic qualifications

BSc with honours - UTas

Membership of key national committees

National Handfish Recovery Team

  • CMR Harrisson's dogfish (video)
  • CMR pink ling (video)
  • CMR cardinal fish (video)
  • CMR deepwater cactus urchin (video)
  • CMR orange roughy (video)
  • CMR Spiky Oreodory (video)