Research Leader, Marine Ecosystems
Fisheries NSW

Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, Taylors Beach, NSW

02 4916 3926

Person details


Current activities

My current research includes co-ordination of monitoring programs, development of indicators and measures, data management and reporting, and use of decision-support tools to link risk analyses, modelling, monitoring and adaptive management.  I have also led a number of projects focusing on marine biodiversity assessment, seabed mapping, fishery assessments, and marine protected area monitoring. Most recently, I have led the process that has developed and implemented a framework for the assessment of threat and risk to environmental assets in estuarine and coastal waters throughout NSW.


I have a background in marine ecology, with previous experience in fisheries stock assessment, larval ecology and seabed habitat mapping in Tasmanian and NSW coastal waters.

Academic qualifications

1986 - BSc (Hons) (University of NSW)

1998 - PhD (University of Tasmania) 

Membership of key national committees

  • National Marine Baselines and Monitoring Working Group 
  • National Marine Protected Area Science-Management Network
  • Reef Life Survey (RLS) Steering Committee