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Emma Lawrence is an Environmental Statistician with CSIRO Data61 in Brisbane, Australia. For many years the focus of her work has been on the application of statistical techniques in the marine domain. Emma has a particular interest in the design and analysis of marine monitoring projects and enjoys working in multi-discplinary teams to ensure that field work is well-designed to ensure the best possible project outcomes.

Some of Emma’s recent projects include using monitoring data to develop indicators to represent the key pressures to coral in the GBR and working with Data61 colleagues on spatially balanced sample designs (Foster et al. 2017) so that “gold standard” marine surveys can be readily implemented and anlaysed. She has worked with teams of marine ecologists to develop optimal survey designs for an integrated suite of monitoring methods (such as AUV, ROV and BRUVs) at four locations: the shelf of the Flinders Commonwealth Marine Reserve, the Houtman-Abrolhos islands the Solitary Islands Marine Reserve and Geographe Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

Prior to joining CSIRO Emma worked at the then Bureau of Rural Sciences (Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) where she was involved in developing a national sampling strategy for monitoring invasive marine species at high-risk locations around Australia.