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Current activities

Joel is a fisheries scientist working with Alan Jordan (NSW DPI) on the development of outer shelf reef monitoring approaches and biodiversity inventory for the Australian Marine Park Network as part of the Hub's  Evaluating and monitoring the status of marine biodiversity assets on the continental shelf theme. More specifically Joel is focussing on using baited remote underwater video (BRUVs) and remote operated vehicles (ROV) to sample fish assemblages and their habitat at mesophotic depth (50-110m). This coupled with the collation of multibeam data that provides information on reef structure.

Joel is also working on assessing the level of recreational fishing in Commonwealth waters off NSW as part of the Hubs E4 project recreational fishing in Commonwealth waters led by Tim Lynch.



Joel has a diverse background with expertise in estuarine larval fish ecology through to the spatial ecology of fishes on mesophotic reefs. Over the past 15 years Joel has worked and gained valuable experience in each of the university (Deakin University, Melbourne University, Murdoch University, private consulting (Australian Marine Ecology and Biosis) and government (Department of Fisheries Victoria, Authur Rylah Insitute, Department of Fisheries NSW) sectors. He has developed a range of skills including experimental design, monitoring program design, sampling using modern technologies (BRUVs, ROV, multibeam sonar), GIS, statistical modelling and scientific communication.


Academic qualifications

PhD, University of Melbourne (2012). Thesis title "The importance of freshwater flows to the spawning and larval ecology of black bream (Sparidae: Acanthopagrus butcherii)

BcS (Hons), Deakin University (2004).


Membership of key national committees

Australian Marine Sciences Association (NSW commitee member)

Australian Society of Fish Biology (NSW representative)

Ecological Society of Australia